Michael Smiy Director Reel

The Walking Dead - TV60 "Silence"

The Boys - TV60 "Newsstand"

The Boys - TV60 "Show Me on the Doll"

NOS4A2 - TV60 "Frozen"

Captain Marvel - TV60 "FUNKO"

Live PD - "Time to Ride" TV50

Boys - "Vought Is Here For You" TSR 105

Chopped TV30 "Origins"


Animal Kingdom - TV30 "Day In Life"

Delta Safety Video - All Together

HBO Now - Promo "The Wire"

Mechanical Expression - Aardvark Printing Promo

CNN Soundtracks - TV30 "Record Store Launch"

TLC Fridays - TV30 "Going Fridays"

Travel Channel - Promo TV:30 - "Rev Runs Around the World"

Variance - Short Film

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - "Horde" TV30

Diners, Drive Ins & Dives "Recommendations" TV30

Shattered "Fragments" TV60

A Series of Unfortunate Events - "Mute" Digital

A Series of Unfortunate Events - "Olaf Birthday" Digital

FAB Life "Push For" TV30

Thanksholiday "Cheers Thanksgiving" TV30