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Unconquerable Spirit
Unconquerable Spirit
Unconquerable Spirit
Cazcanes Tequila
Launching a new tequila from brand strategy to creative execution

Launching a new brand at the peak of the “tequila gold rush,” Cazcanes tasked us with creating a distinct identity in a crowded market to elevate them above the noise (even the noise coming straight from George Clooney’s mouth).

But to kickstart a boutique distillery with limited resources using only Instagram, we first had to uncover the big idea at the heart of their brand story.


Launching on National Tequila Day in mid-August, our newly-active campaign defines and amplifies the driving force behind Cazcanes: its #UnconquerableSpirit

From the unconquerable spirit that is their award-winning tequila to the timeless resilience of their Mexican agave fields, to the confident, relentless, and passionate spirit we aim to inspire in their audience, we seek to elevate what the Cazcanes brand can represent.

Drawing inspiration from fashion, health, and beauty campaigns, we translated this brand essence into an ownable visual style, combining the tradition of the past with a premium aesthetic of the present. 

To further expand awareness, we have a micro-influencer campaign in the works, partnering with leaders in the food, art, lifestyle and cocktail space to organically amplify our message in the culture.

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