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Happy World EV Day

Lucid Motors
Connecting California's legacy to the future of electric vehicles

2021 was a big year for Lucid, an electric vehicle company known for making the kind of luxury vehicles A-listers and thought leaders both craved. It was the year they started delivering on reservations, the year they shifted into production on new models - in short, the year their brand went supernova. But the EV market is still new; many brands are still spinning their wheels trying to establish their identity among consumers. With that, Lucid tapped MOCEAN/O2 to tell the world who they were and make everyone dream of driving one of their cars.


Our first task was to define a lens for our content - something that would allow us to zero in on the things that set Lucid apart from other EVs. We worked with the client to establish a consistent voice & creative guidelines which cast Lucid’s value in terms of its biggest strengths - performance, luxury, and sustainability - and started building out evergreen content series which spoke to these values in creative, upscale ways. We helped them identify key areas of opportunity within their existing social identity, such as giving Lucid’s intensely passionate LinkedIn audience more of a role in the brand’s overall social portfolio. And we started working with their paid ads team to identify themes, write copy, and create assets which would pop off in paid social. 

It didn’t take long before Lucid started bringing us on for bigger initiatives. We built out plans to socialize their presence at huge events like Monterey Car Week, identifying the key moments which would pop online and turning them into content fine-tuned for each platform’s interests. We planned & produced bespoke creative which spoke to Lucid’s values, such as our video marking the brand’s birthday (which shares a date with both World EV Day and California’s admission to the union). We connected them with partners at brands who’d worked with our parent company, Mocean, for years and facilitated their participation in a holiday toy drive which combined the forces of Lucid, Disney, and Marvel. And, most importantly, we developed content rollouts and custom creative highlighting Lucid’s new model announcements - the most critical beats in any auto manufacturer’s narrative.


In the months that we’ve been working with Lucid, we’ve achieved milestone after milestone. We helped them cross 1,000,000 total followers within a few months of starting - a goal they’d held internally for years before. The content we create for Lucid works overtime; these days, the content we post organically regularly earns a higher engagement rate than the paid media Lucid had been running before we took over. We work with multiple groups of stakeholders within the company to support new objectives and ensure consistency across Lucid’s channels. In less than a year, we’ve become a go-to vendor for one of the world’s hottest auto manufacturers - and we’re only picking up speed.

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