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My Life WIth Narcolepsy
My Life WIth Narcolepsy
My Life WIth Narcolepsy
Expressing the subject's humanity in a charming branded film
The Challenge

When WEBMD approached MOCEAN to help bring the story of a young woman’s journey with narcolepsy to life, we jumped at the chance to help humanize a condition that is often misunderstood. Drawing upon the visual contrast between awake, dream, and nightmare states, our approach visually brought to life Judy’s path of discovery and how she ultimately embraced narcolepsy as an integral part of who she is.


With limited access to shooting during COVID, we turned to mixed media to tell the tale of our heroine’s story with interviews and custom stop-motion inspired interludes. Using dictionary passages, archival images, and a collage aesthetic helped highlight & enhance Judy’s journey from diagnosis to recovery. The sunflower – a flower that looks like it has fallen asleep when the sun sets – became a visual metaphor for Judy’s sunny personality, appearing throughout in different forms. By the end of the piece, Judy’s advocacy causes many others like herself to come together, giving a welcome respite from the isolation of her condition.


Webby Award Winner

People's Choice Award

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