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Wild Sage
Wild Sage
Wild Sage
Bed Bath & Beyond
Introducing Bed, Bath & Beyond's new Gen-Z brand to the world
The Challenge

The first thing that comes to anyone's mind when they hear the words Bed Bath and Beyond: a big book of coupons. That’s far from the word association you’d be hoping for when you’re a brand launching your first Gen-Z focused line out into the world.

So we were presented an ask: how does Wild Sage, a line designed with the young female consumer in mind, but existing in a store whose average consumer is double the target audience's age, launch successfully into the world?

Our Approach

To combat their challenges we took an unorthodox approach to the launch and decided to take a page out of an industry that has repeatedly struck gold with GenZ, streetwear. Streetwear brands are infamous for their methods of teasing a product and building hype without people even fully knowing what they were selling. So we decided to enter the conversation in a way that would signal our audience in a similar way. 

For the first time in Bed Bath and Beyond history, we established a social presence for a sub-brand. This meant developing an entirely unique tone and voice as well as creative guidelines that could express Wild Sage properly to the target. We took a younger approach by solely focusing on TikTok and Instagram, and filling the feeds with the same type of streetwear cryptic hype-like posts they’ve seen in the past. 

We then tapped into influencers that fit the needed reach, resonance, and relevance profile that we needed to immediately move the needle and create unique hero videos to launch the brand into the world. We fast followed with a series of TikTok videos that reached millions of views, including a custom stop motion dance video that hit over 29M. Our following catapulted to upwards of 60k followers and provided us a platform of communication moving forward.

Since launch, we’ve continued to fill the feeds with custom original content shot and edited by our team and building deeper relationships with influencers and fans alike.

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